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About Me

My Background

Canadian 'mutant'. My journey comes by way of a legacy of cancer. Inherited physically through the BRCA1 mutation & emotionally through a lifetime of waiting for the cancer-shoe to drop. 

Struggles with self worth, weight loss, anxiety, depression & body issues (pre & post surgery). I see how each of these things have been motivating factors and pitfalls in areas of my life including my career. We compensate & project to perpetuate the messages we tell ourselves; ultimately living in toxic environments.

I've raised 2 great kids to adulthood yet still adjusting my parenting style. I'm a 'motherless daughter' mothering a daughter (& son) doing the best I can. Living a life without my mother longer than I had her & still grieving. Marriage & divorce as a young adult, eventually finding a love to last forever. Fear. Loss. Tragedy. Things you'd never expect as a parent. I've lived it all. Learning through the process that pain & struggle can be the gifts to healing the parts of us which hold back our purpose & joy. 

I offer hope for anyone dealing with family tragedy, work-stress, anxiety, hereditary cancers, major surgery or unfulfillment in life. 

BRCA mutation inspiration. Diep Flap inspiration. Grief inspiration. Parenting inspiration.

Pain is purposeful.

My Hobbies

Writing, reading, meditation and Young Living Essential Oils. Yoga and aquafit to rehabilitate my body. Time in nature and prayer to rehabilitate my mind. I'm secretly an artist - sketching since childhood; refinishing furniture; experimenting with crafts; home decor; and most recently painting with acrylics. I have a family history of artists to live up to.

I'm mostly whole food, plant based eater (currently experimenting with a ketogenic diet), striving to find a natural state of health post bilateral mastectomy with immediate Diep Flap reconstruction, and subsequent battles with pain, swelling, atypical lymphedema, menopause and weight gain. Working on a new normal while away from work as a retail General Manager. My hobbies consist of all the ways to fall in love with myself - for the first time. And, I'm also a research junkie, obsessed with acquiring knowledge and a thirst for the truth.

I may not always be comfortable in my own skin but I have faith in my truth and confidence in my purpose. You'll find me in coffee shops being vulnerable with strangers, growing friendships and making ripples in the pond of life.

I feel. I write. I feel. I write.

My Favorite Things

My family, friends & sweet Coton de Tulear dog 'Harper' are my favourite things. The energy exchange & interaction with each of them inspire me to keep learning about myself, honouring my truth & theirs, & striving to always live my motto


My hubby is the best guy I know. He's seen me at my most radiant and in all my ugly and brokenness. He's blue collar & beating red heart and, the best part of all, he's mine.

They say daughters are sugar & spice and everything nice, and mine is no exception. But she is SO much more - caring, kind & unique with a journey braver than most know. She lives with her head in the sky and feet on the ground. Hands of a healer and mouth of a trucker! Part genius and a little bit crazy. 100% unicorn. Amazing. Beautiful

Then there's the boy who stole my heart and calls me Mom. My son may be an adult now but he'll always be my baby looking up at me with those soulful eyes. We're different but the same. Connected forever no matter where he may roam. He follows his dreams with courage and always leads with his heart which has taken him to some magical places. Don't stop dreaming baby.

Friends are the family you choose and ours is only made better by the special friends our kids call aunties and uncles. I am blessed with friends who feel more like soul sisters. Grateful for companions on the journey.

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